Panel Three: Why is the Solicitor General applying to commit Trudi Warner to prison?

Isabella Kaminski – Moderator 

Isabella Kaminski is a freelance journalist specialising in the environment and climate change. She was formally deputy editor of The ENDS Report and now reports on policy, law and activism for publications around the world. She has a particular interest in climate litigation and justice, and writes a newsletter on this subject called The Wave (

Trudi Warner

Since retiring early from social work, Trudi Warner has been driven by the same values to campaign for justice in a world where inequalities are gross, and existing systems perpetuate rather than challenge these. The unfolding climate catastrophe results from breaching planetary boundaries, as well as ethical boundaries, within a culture of uncare, exploitation, and extractivism. This impacts most severely those least responsible and other species.

Trudi’s commitment to enabling people to find agency and leverage in these times has led her to support dynamic climate activists. Witnessing their unjust treatment in courts prompted her to draw attention to the principle of jury equity by silently holding up a placard outside a courtroom, informing jurors of their rights. This action led to her arrest and prosecution for contempt of court.

The support she received, including many people replicating her action, led to the formation of Defend our Juries, a movement gaining traction and bringing together a range of people with a shared concern about the current threats to the jury system. This occurs within the context of other threats to fundamental and hard-won rights and freedoms in our increasingly fragile democracy.

Dr Clive Dolphin

Clive had a successful career working in engineering for over 30 years. He worked for companies like British Telecom and Motorola. Clive worked on complex problems, using software, electronics and mechanical solutions, working with customers, and involved in project management.

Clive now devotes a significant amount of his time working on civil rights issues raised by the UK court system. He is the spokesperson for Defend Our Juries and has delivered speeches and talks on their behalf. As someone without a legal career Clive is able to speak freely and bring the perspective of non-legal people looking, or forced, to use the judicial system. Clive’s religious background provides him with a strong desire for justice.

Rabbi Jeffrey Newman

Jeffrey Newman is a third generation ‘British’ Jew. Wanting to understand our world, he mistakenly read Psychology and Philosophy at Oxford, but fortunately was rescued by Rabbi Lionel Blue and the progressive Jewish community. Continually inspired by the words of the prophets, he was a community rabbi for thirty years but then, particularly through his involvement with the Earth Charter, became engaged with the issues of the wider society and our world, in particular climate change, justice and inequality, environment and other aspects of our global condition.

Prof Richard Vogler

Richard Vogler is a Professor of Comparative Criminal Law and Criminal Justice at the University of Sussex. In the first part of his career he worked as a Solicitor advocate in criminal practice in Oxford and Nottingham. Currently he also works as a consultant to overseas governments on criminal justice reform.