Panel Two: Disciplinary Action – Legal and Medical Ethics and the case of Sarah Benn

Moderator – Tom Cross 
Tom is a leading senior junior barrister practising in a wide range of human rights, public and discrimination law, including as it relates to free expression and the right to protest. His professional webpage is available here.

Dr Sarah Benn

Sarah was an NHS doctor for 32 years, spent mostly as an inner city GP in Birmingham, and recently retired from clinical practice. A law-abiding citizen until 2019 when compelled by escalating fear about climate breakdown and the future faced by humanity, to take nonviolent direct action aiming to force our government to take appropriate urgent action. As a direct consequence of breaking an injunction by protesting peacefully outside an oil terminal in 2022, she spent one month in prison and now facing a medical practitioners fitness to practise tribunal which may result in suspension or erasure from the medical register.

Kate Logan

Kate spent the early years of her legal career at a magic circle firm, where she qualified in EU, competition and regulatory law, before moving to the civil service legal team. After a short career break volunteering at human rights and humanitarian charities, Kate joined the in-house legal team at an international NGO, where she worked for a number of years, and now advises mainly non-profit campaigning groups, on a freelance basis. Two years ago she realised how dire the climate crisis was and how badly our governments were failing to make necessary changes. She took part in nonviolent disruptive protests with Just Stop Oil in 2022 and 2023 (road blocks and slow marching) and has faced criminal prosecution as a result.

Dr Juliette Brown

Juliette is a consultant psychiatrist in London who has taken direct action with XR and Just Stop Oil, as well as organising with Medact and HealthWorkers for a Free Palestine.

Dr Ayo Khalil 

Dr Ayo Khalil is an NHS Doctor and community worker. Ayo is a supporter and Spokesperson for Healthcare Workers for a Free Palestine.